Settling in

So I made it in one piece (several if you count all my luggage, probably around 40kgs worth!). I love my apartment, and the neighbourhood I live in.  The last couple of days have been spent wandering around the place, getting to know the local shops and restaurants, and getting some basic stuff sorted, or at least attempting to.  I am now registered as a resident, which was ridiculously simple compared with how it used to be, or so I am told, now that the new system is in place, abolishing the outdated Alien Registration system.  Now it is as easy as getting your card when going through immigration, and heading into your local ward office once you have your address.  At this point a helpful housing representative, or a neighbour who speaks fluent Japanese, comes in handy, if your Japanese isn’t quite up to scratch.  But really, the people who work in the ward office are so helpful and obviously used to dealing with ‘baka gaijin’. So thank goodness the whole process is over in as little as half an hour, as opposed to the 3-4 weeks it used to take! 

Last night it was a friend’s birthday, so we went to Shooters to celebrate. I had only arrived yesterday morning, but after some baileys and a quick nap, I was ready to experience some night-life in Japan, albeit on a Monday. Shooters is definitely a place I’ll visit again; it may even become our local! Great food, great atmosphere, good looking staff, and relatively cheap drinks; it was an excellent choice for my first night out in Japan (first night for this trip, not ever). Image


This is a photo of the Philly Cheese Steak I had for dinner. It was ridiculously delicious and filling, even if it was as far as I could get away from a traditional Japanese meal. But it went well with the SoCo and cranberry that they had for 500円 which could be upgraded to a ridiculously large size, for just 200円 more! But enough about the food and drinks. After a few games of pool we called it a night, (a very good night!) and went our separate ways. 

Today I attempted to set up a mobile phone and internet, but failed.  Apparently my travel money card wasn’t good enough to use, even though it’s MasterCard! Who knows. But anyway, my iphone 5 wont be in for another week anyway, so I guess it’s a moot point. I hate the fact that I have to get an iphone, I’d much rather Android, but SoftBank is so much cheaper to use than Docomo, and only Docomo has Android.. sigh.. So in a week I hope to have a Japanese bank account, the internet in my own apartment – so I don’t have to encroach on my neighbour’s personal time – and a phone that I can use to find my way about, as well as keep in contact with all my new friends. 

So Japan is treating me fairly well so far, and I am so glad we have these few days to get settled before training begins. Right now it’s still feeling very much like a holiday, but I’m sure that will change as soon as training and then work begins. I will leave you with this picture of a ferris wheel type thing, that is attached to a building, for some unbeknownst reason. 



One thought on “Settling in

  1. How good are cheese philly’s!!! I fell in love with them when I was in the states 🙂 Sucks about the iPhone, but at least you will be super dooper connected 24/7 so that I can still annoy you! ❤

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