Starting to feel almost like home…

Aside from the constant battle with language, and the unfortunate lack of my own phone and internet for ease of communication, Nagoya is beginning to feel like a really nice place to live.

I have a local supermarket, which I am slowly learning my way around; I have not one, but two Hyaku-en shops literally minutes from my apartment; and I feel safe, and not cold, walking around the streets at night.

Earlier this week I had my first experience of rain since I’ve been here. Neighbour and I were walking along, sipping on cans of coffee (for him) and hot chocolate (for me) from the vending machine around the corner, and it started to spit. Not being a cold night at all, we waited it out under an awning, and continued with our walk until it got too heavy to ignore. At that point a lovely tree appeared in our path, so we took refuge and watched the streets glisten with rain while we chatted about this and that. It was a perfect setting to get to know one another, after the heat of the day, and the pressure of all the little tasks that had to be completed.

Now, it seems surreal to think I have been living here a matter of days, and not weeks.

Today was in fact our orientation at ECC. What we expected I’m not sure, but what we got was an interesting and informative day, filled with jokes, laughter, and form after form for us to fill out. We learned a lot about the company, as well as what would be expected of us in training, and as teachers. We met a number of ECC’s personnel staff, who all seemed happy, energetic, and satisfied in their roles in the company. Each day we are glad anew that we ended up here, with ECC, and not one of the other, more intense companies, with their unrelenting pressure and huge workloads, for not much greater pay.

My main goal at this time is to find some washing liquid, that when translated, doesn’t magically turn into bleach.  I am certainly glad I didn’t use it first, and translate later.  This goal seems simple, but to me it is just one more accomplishment that will make me feel more at home, and at ease, living in Japan.


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