October is the time to come to Nagoya!

Other than the stress of training, and the hell that is demos, I have actually been having a pretty good time in Nagoya so far. It might not be as big and crowded and busy and exciting as Tokyo, but in a way, that is part of the positive side of living in Nagoya. As a city, it’s got everything you would really need.



Osu-kannon, on the tsurumai line, is a pretty wicked shopping destination.  The first time I went there I’d only been here a few days and it was a really interesting place.  We ate lunch at Denny’s, looked in a few interesting shops, and just wandered around enjoying the nice weather and trying not to overheat.  The second time I went there it was a lot different. It was the weekend before last, and there was some sort of festival going on. I know I should have been prepping for demos, but oh well.. there is life to be lived!! It’s not every day you get to experience a Japanese festival, including a parade/walk of Geisha and Maiko, and a performance with guys in morphman suits, forming different characters through suit manipulation. 



So that was that weekend.. the weekend just gone was just as fun, and way bigger. It was Nagoya Matsuri/festival. And it was AWESOME! There was a parade to begin with, with all sorts of interesting floats, displays, and musical instruments. Not exactly what one would think of when they heard the words parade and float; but I think that’s probably what made it so special and exciting.  After we’d watched the parade for a while, we went and had lunch from one of the many delicious looking food stalls, and I had my first taste of bubble tea. It was strange, but also yummy. We wandered around Sakae for a while, taking in the sights and smells, then went and hunted down one of the bars that sold tickets to the Halloween party/pub crawl that we decided to go to. And that leads me to my third exciting weekend in a row, which hasn’t happened yet!! So October is the time, and Nagoya is the place to be!! 

Here are a couple of photos to prove I was there 🙂 




Other than all the festivals and shopping, the most exciting things to have happened to me recently are: finally getting a phone set up, and completing my first day on the job. 

Getting my phone took approximately 3 and a half hours, and involved me talking to 2 or 3 people in the store, 3 or 4 people on the phone (English support line), and scrawling notes on scrap paper for a Japanese man who worked there, who was deaf, but could understand written English, as well as being able to write himself. Suffice it to say, it was a long, complicated, tiring, and ultimately expensive 3 and a half hours. BUT I now have a phone that I can use, I can check my Facebook, I can read and write emails, and I can use maps so I don’t get lost in Japan. 

In other news, today was my first real day working for ECC! It wasn’t an actual shift with my own classes or anything, but I’m kind of glad.. it means I get to ease myself into it and not have everything thrown at me at once. It’s nice. Another first for today is that I went to Mie prefecture. I hadn’t even realised the school was in another prefecture until I started looking at the maps and Hyperdia (a godsend btw). So it was a fun little adventure to catch a different train line and go on a slightly longer journey. The only downside being that while I finished work at 9:30pm, I didn’t end up getting home til around 11pm. But oh well, such as life. 

I think I have rabbited on for long enough now, so I shall bid you adieu for now, and look forward to sharing with you all my Halloween adventures, as well as the trials and tribulations of being a sub teacher! 


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