And So That Was Christmas

And what have I done? Well, for a start I went and saw some AMAZING fireworks on Christmas Eve at Nagoya Port.  It was by far the most impressive fireworks show I’ve ever seen.  I even managed to watch it properly and not just view the whole show through my lens!  Instead I simply aimed the camera at the sky, and click click clicked away.  I was able to experience the show, and facilitate some great memories, all at once.

After the fireworks show, and then a bit of shopping, I was pretty tired, so I came back to my apartment with the intention of watching a little bit of TV, before grabbing an early night so I could be awake in the morning to enjoy Christmas Day and Skype with my friends and family back home in Australia.  So what did I do instead? Well naturally I ended up staying up til past 5am; became thoroughly miserable, and didn’t wake up til midday.  After that utterly depressing start to Christmas, I was glad to say my day improved immensely once I was able to talk to my parents and sister, and get into the Christmas spirit, even if it was only via Skype.  I really don’t know how I would have survived before the days of technology!!  I was able to do jigsaw puzzles with mum, and watch gossip girl with my sister (not a great picture, but it was fun to feel like I was watching TV with her all the same); as well as talk with my dad, mocking him relentlessly for all his mischievousness, just like I would have done if I’d been home.  So yes, once the cameras stopped rolling and we said our goodbyes, it was a little difficult to find myself back to the reality of being alone in my small apartment once more, instead of recovering from a Christmas feast by eating even more pudding and icecream in the company of those I love; however I am glad that I was able to get the chance to be a part of my family Christmas in even a small way.  I am just glad they liked all the crazy stuff I bought them in Japan!

Yummy Christmas Cake
Yummy Christmas Cake

Speaking of Japan; there’s a bizarre Christmas tradition here of having cake.  And I don’t mean Christmas cake like the fruit cake one would expect; no, Japanese Christmas cake is creamy and spongey and covered in strawberries!  I was happy to partake in this delicious custom at Oasis 21 this evening with a good friend, before making my way back home to watch Love Actually – probably one of the best Christmas movies of all time! – and have a small glass of the Mozart Chocolate Liqueur I bought myself as a little treat.  So there endeth my first Christmas alone, and away from my family.  Not quite as lonely and terrible as I was worried it might be; and who knows, I might even survive another one next year!

Pure Deliciousness
Pure Deliciousness

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Xxx


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