Famous Last Words

A.K.A: New Year’s Resolutions

An age old tradition which encourages the masses to disregard everything which they know about themselves to be true, and insists we all make outlandish and unrealistic promises to ourselves that this year, the new year, will be different.  Somehow we will forgo all bad habits, developed over a lifetime; we will give up all our vices, be it alcohol, cigarettes, or just an innocent chocolate addiction; we will grow, mature, and overall improve like never before.

This, of course, is utter crap.

Most people are lucky to keep these silly promises for as long as it takes for their New Year’s Eve hangovers to subside.  Yet still we try.  We strive to better ourselves despite years of failure behind us; despite all evidence to the contrary, we honestly believe that this year WILL be different.

And (I am almost ashamed to say) I am one of these sorry souls.  I too will make the mental pilgrimage into the dreamland.  The future looks almost too bright when one compares it to the past.  Setting all misgivings aside, I will state my New Year’s Resolutions for the world to see (and laugh at as I inevitably fail to live up to each one).

  1. I will blog more.  It is already something I enjoy doing so it should be an easy one to get my resolutions off to a good start.  Rather than just having ideas about what I would like to write about, I will actually make a start.  Getting the ball rolling is the hardest part, so all I have to do is open Word instead of my TV/Movie folder; set WordPress as my homepage, instead of Facebook; and do something which stimulates my brain cells, rather than numbs them into oblivion.
  2. I will take more photographs.  This is one of my few actual passions yet I find it so difficult to find the motivation to go out and shoot.  Lack of motivation (regarding everything, not just photography) is a major problem I have struggled with for a long time, but it is not an insurmountable problem.  I CAN DO THIS!
  3.  I will study Japanese more.  And not just in the vague sense that ‘more’ is any amount given what little I’ve done so far.  No, this coming year I will take two lessons per week, and study at home in between.  I will type up phrases that I wish to remember and stick them up on the walls in my apartment, so that even if I don’t actively study I will still be making progress every day.
  4. I will travel more.  I am living in this beautiful country; yet I seem to spend a lot more time staring at the walls of my apartment, than I do out experiencing life!  I will take day trips on my days off, and get used to travelling alone.  My trips; my choices; my schedule.  I will use these mini adventures to sharpen my skills both in photography and Japanese; helping to fulfil my previous two goals.
  5. I will exercise more.  I will go to the gym at least TWO days a week.  It’s ridiculous to be paying so much for membership yet never using it.  I will be happy with my body by August.  My friends and family will see a happy, healthy Emma when I return home for my Quarter of a Century Birthday Holiday (otherwise known as The Escape Nagoya Summer Holiday).
  6. I will eat better.  This will involve cooking more, snacking less, and not eating due to boredom or emotion.  I will not cut out everything I love, but just moderate my intake.  I will not eat something unhealthy, feel guilty about it, then eat some more to make myself feel better.  THIS WILL NOT WORK!  Nobody is perfect, and change takes time.  Relapses are not punishable; they are to be acknowledged, accepted as human, and moved on from.
  7. I will adjust my sleeping patterns to be more regular, and to more humane hours.  I will get myself out of the habit of hitting snooze automatically, and I will endeavour to get to bed by 12-12:30 every night (setting an alarm for this too if need be), so that getting up earlier does not have to be such a chore.
  8. I will make a timetable and stick to it as best I can.  The easiest way to achieve all of these goals will be to make them part of my daily/weekly routine.  If something happens and I don’t manage to be perfect 100% of the time (shocking idea, I know) I will accept this as human nature and MOVE ON.

The wisest man I know used to often say something along the lines of: a spoken promise is as good as the paper it’s written on.  In previous years, when asked what my New Year’s Resolutions were, I would simply mutter something like,’ same old – eat less, exercise more’.  It was half-hearted at best; no great wonder that I never really did much about either.  This year I am putting it out there for the world to see (or at least as much of the world as this little blog reaches, anyway), in the vain hope that somehow it might make me stick to them for longer than it’s taken you to read this post.

Tell me, what do you think my chances are?  What are your resolutions?  Maybe we can fail together.


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