I Sick, Therefore I Sock: Inside the Mind of a Three Year Old

My head hurts… Ouch… English is hard today because my head hurts.  Maybe if I took off my socks my head would feel better?  What am I going to do with this sock now?  Hey look!  It’s Emma!  She’d love my sock.  Weeee haha she pulled a funny face when I threw my sock at her.  I’m going to do it again.  Weee hehehehe this is fun! But now I’m out of socks.  Oh hey, she’s throwing them back!  It’s a game!  Hey mum, give me my socks back so I can keep playing.  Muummmm what are you doing?

What was that?  Was that a sock?  Oh yay!  My friends decided to play too!  They saw how much fun it was.  They think I’m funny!  I am funny!  Hehehe this is so good.  Everyone is throwing socks at Emma, and she is pulling the funniest faces!  Wait, it suddenly stopped.  Why did it stop raining socks?  Maybe all the other mummys… oooh Emma has the picture book!  And all the pages are still in it!  Let’s walk all over it and see what Emma says!

I guess my head stopped hurting.  I can definitely join in now, especially if I get loads of high-fives AND continue to be silly and crazy.

Man it’s good to be three.


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