Jump Those Bandwagons

I have become a firm disbeliever in the whole ‘New Year; new me’ philosophy.  I know me.  I know what I’m like.  And if the past 2 years and 4 months have taught me nothing else, it’s that a different country of residence does not a new Emma make.  Thus, I elected not to jump the resolution bandwagon this New Year’s.

Well, I gave it a concerted effort, anyway.  Despite my best attempts, I ended up with two ‘goals’; one of which being closer aligned to your typical resolution, and the other being a more immediately realisable goal.

I would start budgeting, stop my haphazard spending, and stick to a saving schedule so I can actually afford to move home next year, and then hopefully to Europe from there.

I would go to the gym.  Just once would be enough to consider this goal accomplished.  But it had to be in January.

Only a couple of months into the savings plan it’s difficult to predict future success, however it seems to be going fairly well so far.  ‘But what about the gym?’ I hear you ask with bated breath.  Well, I went! …Once.  And I haven’t been since.  February was a seriously busy month for me, including two bouts of illness and a myriad of other excuses for not getting my lazy arse out of bed in time to go work out.  I had decided to give myself the month of February to get back into a good gym schedule, otherwise I was going to quit and use the money for something more productive, like travel.  Now I am unsure what I should do.  If I stick to my plan of quitting then it’s a matter of finding the time to go there, without any of the satisfaction.  If I change plans slightly, in the hope that the warmer weather will inspire me, well, I’m probably looking at another gymless month ahead of me, and another wasted month of membership fees.  What should I do?  Someone please motivate me, one way or the other.

My third, as yet unmentioned, goal was to write more.  I feel like every time I make this one of my actual goals – and say it out loud – it turns into a chore, and I can no longer be bothered.  But I’ve been pretty good lately (as you will see once I actually post some of the randomness I’ve been churning out), and so I hope at least this good pattern continues, and you get to read more of my ramblings, more frequently, in the future.

So, in summary, I suppose I am always striving to be better (whether by way of new year’s resolutions or not), and on the days when the optimist in me wins out over the cynic, I almost feel like I am.


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