My 2nd Japaniversary


I can’t believe how quickly it came around.  My two year anniversary in Japan was upon me before I knew it, and I wanted to do something extra special to commemorate it.  So my friend and I decided to spend the day in the best city in Japan: Nagoya!  There are so many things to do in the city I’ve called home these past two years, but it’s all too easy to categorise Nagoya as simply a boring, non-touristy city, when comparing it to the flash of Tokyo and Osaka.  We decided to do some exploring in our own backyard, and cross off a couple of things that we’d been meaning to do, but somehow never got around to, since we first arrived here.

We began our day bright and early in Nagoya Station, where we met at 10am to walk to our first destination: Noritake Garden.  While breakfasting on matcha cream puffs, we slowly made our way to the ceramics museum, where we had a brief stroll around the grounds before heading into the museum itself.  It was a fascinating place filled with all sorts of fantastical statues.  Unfortunately photography wasn’t permitted on most floors, but I urge you to go and check it out for yourself if you’re in the area.  The higher up we went, the more traditional things got; on the ground floor there were gods and dragons and other mythical creatures, as well as more commonplace critters.

anniversary 1 anniversary 2

The highlight of our time at Noritake had to be painting our very own ceramic plates.  We spent as long as we pleased, and then some, deciding on a design, painting and repainting – luckily our mistakes could be erased as if they were never there, with a little wipe with a tissue – and then our masterpieces were taken off to be fired in the kiln and posted to us at no extra cost.

anniversary 3

After lunch at the museum café (tasty and reasonably priced), we headed to Sakae to check off another of those ‘why have we never done this before?’ things – going up to the top of the Nagoya TV Tower.  It isn’t all that large or impressive, and it was copied off the Eifel tower, so it’s not original either, but it’s a landmark of our city and we felt obligated to finally check it out.  The panoramic views it offered once we stepped off the elevator were quite something, and we spent a considerable amount of time just wandering around all sides, spotting familiar landmarks.  After our eyes had had their fill of the Nagoya skyline we got back in the elevator and began salivating over the mere thought of where we were off to next.


The Lindt Café has become one of mine and my friend’s favourite spots to succumb to our cravings and gorge ourselves on mouth-watering macaroons (I highly recommend the black current/cassis) and delectable drinks.  So, naturally, that’s where our feet took us on our path to continue the celebration and commemoration of our 2nd Japaniversary.  We rolled away feeling satisfied with both what we had consumed at the café and what we had accomplished throughout the day.


Yes, I am fully aware that this post comes several months after my Japaniversary; indeed, it’s almost as close to the next one (October 1st), but I had forgotten I’d started this little tale, or assumed I’d already finished and posted it.  So I felt that upon finding it hidden away in one of my many folders it was my duty to finish it off and share it with you lovely people, mostly so you can feel pangs of envy and hunger at the thought of Lindt macaroons.


2 thoughts on “My 2nd Japaniversary

  1. Nice. Can you tell me what is the wide tree lined avenue you have in some of the photos. I have only stopped in Nagoya twice before, and each only for a night. Didn’t see this avenue!

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