A Slice of Life 2

Yesterday I left my sneakers at a school I don’t work at regularly. Then when I got home I checked the JLPT results and found out I’d failed the N3 by 4 points.
I decided to not let this minor negativity get me down, and instead turned it into energy to get things accomplished. Fueled by my disappointment, I managed to sort through a large amount of papers and make a serious dent in the ‘Tidy my tiny apartment’ project.
This morning I very nearly had a heart attack, when I sat down in the staff room, went to clock in, and saw a Japanese woman hiding in a box, mere centimetres from my face. After my brain had finished rapidly running through all the possibilities as to how and why she was there (thinking which took place over the course of about half a second), I realised it was just a freakishly realistic poster, and not someone’s worst nightmare come to life.


So, how’s your week been going?


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