Discussing Equal Rights with Children

Kids are truly amazing. You just never know what they’re going to come out with next.

The other day in one of my BZ classes (7-11yrs old) the kids were laughing as they usually do at the antics of two of the boys in the class, who have a very special relationship. On this day they decided they’d like to get married.

After much chatter amongst themselves in Japanese, they sadly came to the realisation that it wasn’t possible for two boys to get married in Japan.

At this point, one of the other boys turned to me and, complete with hand gestures to illustrate his point, said the following:

“America, he – he, love OK!
Japan, he – she, love yes. He – he, nooo 😦 ”

The whole class is very supportive of the relationship and just want the two boys to be happy.

Later on in the lesson, one of the two boys tried to get out of doing his class work, saying he couldn’t write down the name of a female friend because he’s gay – he doesn’t like girls – so he has no friends that are girls. He pointed to himself and loudly said ‘Me, gay!’ several times to make sure I’d understood.

Love can be a truly beautiful thing.

He still had to do his work.


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